October 2001 Poster


Halloween is a special time of year and what says Happy Halloween like a pumpkin.  And this pumpkin is cressed in her Halloween costume all ready for The Ball.

When summer rolls around we are fueled for hot-blooded amorous encounters with the opposite sex. So, why come autumn does the fervor for fornicating have to fall as fast as the leaves from the mighty oak? It doesn’t. Well the cooling weather may cool the libido a bit. 

But did you know Pumpkin may be the cure. 

Neurological studies performed by Alan Hirsch, MD, director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, have revealed that the aroma of pumpkin pie is a sexual shot in the arm for both sexes. According to the data pumpkin seeds are in all actuality a tremendous source of zinc, which for men is crucial for potency.

So, this Halloween, ingest your sexual indulgences with a bit of Pumpkin. 

Bet all this time you wondered why Pumpkin has long been a symbol of Halloween because you thought it was for little kids to be frightened when in actuality is it all about sexuality and thinking of a good spot to place the old "Broomstick"? 




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