August 2001 Poster

August 2001 Poster is a bit of a flashback to mythical Greece with nymphs laying at the feet of a god or perhaps a Greek Hero.  It is a time of decadent self-indulgence and sexual escapade.

The father of Greek was Zues.  When Homer called Zeus "the father of gods and mortals", he may have meant it metaphorically, but he wasn't all that off the mark either. You see, father Zeus begot several gods as well as numerous demigods, heroes, and founders of ancient Greek dynasties. Begoting is a favourite activity of many or at least the practising of the practise. 

Zues just wouldn't stop begetting. The love affairs, conquests, infidelities, and sexual escapades of Zeus were notorious in the ancient world, much to the chagrin of Hera, his wife. 

Between seducing women and dodging Hera's vengeful wrath, Zeus had his work cut out for him. He had to be extra resourceful and never, ever, resort to the same seduction technique twice.  And indeed his list of seduction techniques was, well, inexhaustable. 

Apparently, the subjects of this poster were ready for practising some seduction techniques! 

Let the Games Begin!


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