Bedknobs & Painsticks


Bedknobs and Painsticks  

Presented by Osin

October 18 2008  

Bondage2Resources for Starting Your Explorations of Rope Bondage

The following two links are great articles written by Jeff, a member of our own community. So I'm pointing you to them because in a one hour demo I can't cover all details he does. So consider them required reading:


And don't forget to look at the other very good articles here, also written by members of our community.


Quick and easy from Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Princess Auto and marine supply stores. Nylon and multi-filament polypropylene is the easiest to find.

I suggest 1/2" or 5/8" (6mm - 8 mm for you metric fans) of 50' or 100' lengths of braided or twisted, and cut into 12 ' and 30' lengths.

The following listed two sites that have nicer rope with colors, made for and by Kinksters. You don't have to explain what you are doing, they already know!    

I bought hemp rope from these folks and was very pleased with the service and shipping. They even sent a free pair of EMT scissors and a DVD Rom with some great video tutorials.

How to wash your rope.

How to whip the ends. (No! Not that Kind of Whipping!)

The Knots

Practice these knots and techniques over and over. You don't need a partner to practice. Use your leg, piece of pipe, 2x4 or chair arm. Repetition will increase your memory of them so in the heat of the moment you won't be scratching your head.


Single Column Tie  

by Twisted Monk        

Contains instructions for the overhand knot and one half hitch2.  

Double Column Tie

by Twisted Monk .  

Contains instructions for several loops, a bend, more loops and a square knot.

Square knot

Tie to the bed post or frame    

This contains instruction for two round turns with two half-hitches then just add one more round turn to this.

Websites, For Inspiration, Education and Enjoyment.

Ok so some of this is advanced and way out there. Everyone has to start somewhere and all these people were beginners once. You can type 'bondage' or 'knots' into Google and come up with a kabillion links.

So here's a few to start with that I keep coming back too.  


These guys have a bunch of videos online that are great for beginners.


Yeah it says advanced but there's ton's of useful info here for beginners, especially the discussions on safety. You don't have to join to read all the posts.


Lots to look at here.


Not much to look at but plenty of reading if you follow the links.

Other Good Stuff besides Bondage      

Just look past all the political stuff.    

This is a Great eZine.


Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook


Two Knotty Boys Showing You the Ropes


SM 101: A Realistic Introduction by Hay Wiseman


Gallery Slide Show